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Festival download

Before you download festival-croatian, you need to download festival package, Edinburgh speech_tools, minimum one festival voice, and necessary lexicons from:Festvox download page
For further information, it is recommended to read Festival manual Also, if you want to use festival with speech-dispatcher with the Orca screen reader, you need to download festival-freebsoft-utils 0.10, written by Milan Zamazal.

festival-croatian 0.1 download

To download Croatian support for festival, click on the link below.
Package name: Package version: Package size:  
festival-croatian 0.1 31,4 k festival-croatian-0.1.tar.gz

Aditional Croatian voices download

festival-croatian supports two Czech voices adapted for Croatian language, provided by BRAILCOM o.p.s. I got permissions from the author Milan Zamazal to adapt and distribute Czech voices, until I complete a new Croatian voice for Festival. To download one of adapted Czech voices, click on a link below:
Package name: Package version: Package size:  
voice-croatian-ivan-bin 0.1 6,77 m voice-croatian-ivan-bin-0.1.tar.gz
voice-croatian-josip-bin 0.1 10,8 m voice-croatian-josip-bin-0.1.tar.gz

Portable NVDA Croatian download

Portable NVDA Croatian comes with boath Croatian - (adapted Czech voices), Ivan, and Josip, with Festival, and Festival driver for NVDA, created by Olga Yakovleva.
Package name: Package version: Package size:  
NVDA 2012.3.1 2012.3.1 48,5 m NVDA 2012.3.1.zip

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